Typing Websites

Sentence Typing Game
How fast can you type?

Typing Game.Net
HERE is where you will find typing lessons along with games. Remember: lesson, game, lesson, game.

Dance Mat Typing
Learn and practice typing skills with this animated game from the BBC!


Key (Pac) Man Typing Game
Everyone's favorite game now helps you to practice your typing skills!

Hint: Using a MAC and the game screen is too big or too small?
Use the command: Apple and the "+" key or Apple and the "-" to adjust the size.
(+ makes it bigger) (- makes it smaller)

Spider and Chameleon Typing Game
Low, Medium, High? Pick your level!

Cup Stacking
Stack the cups by typing the correct letter.

Baracuda Game- Challenging
Another typing game to practice your skills.
This game is best once you have passed Lesson 15 on freetypinggame.net.

Typing of the Ghosts- Challenging
Can you type the words and numbers before the ghosts get too big?

Excuses Typing Game- Very Challenging
The teacher asks, "Where is your homework?" Type the excuses as fast as you can!

Note: You will have to watch a short advertisement before the game loads.

Typing Monster- Very Challenging
Can you type the sentences and numbers at the SAME TIME?!?

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